Leg 5: Yekaterinburg to Moscow and ASIA to EUROPE!

1.814 km travelled

30 hours on the train

It’s not everyday that you cross a continental border overland, especially without having crossed a country one. Amid much confusion over why there were more bodies than beds in our tiny train compartment, we rolled over the Asia-Europe continental border without so much as noticing – I being to preoccupied google-translating with the train guard to do my celebratory dance. Apparently it is tradition to drink a glass of wine in each continent as you cross the border but sadly  the train was moving a bit too quickly for that.

After a long game of explanation charades – I mimed fighting each other for the beds and the guard mimed spooning – it tuned out that we had paid for seats rather than beds for our 30 HOUR train! So, it was one-between-two on the tiny narrow bunks with no bedding. We seemed to be the only two passengers going the whole way to Moscow so we took the opportunity during change over to bagsie a bunk each and improvise blankets and sheets.

the following day on board, we were joined by a tour guide who wanted to practice her English. She proudly pointed out the beautiful church’s (including the ancient Church of Perfection just outside Vladimir), monasteries and villages as we went by, and made us wish that we had time to stop in her hometown of Suzhal (one on the list for next time!).

Arriving in Moscow and looking lost and totally perplexed by the metro map that was all in Cyrillic, yet another friendly passerby stopped to help us decipher the map and point us in the right direction. Feeling a little worse for wear, we found our Moscow hostel and met up with my friend and travel partner Maisie, who had flown in from Dubai that morning to join us for Moscow and St. Petersburg!

Platform stop

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